About the Blog and the creator.

Who is Koumori 3D?

My name is Katharina. My artist name Koumori means bat, which are one of my favorite animals. I made several cosplay props in my past and needed a change. It started to get boring and i did not find any creativity or self development anymore. I love creating stuff and i am 3D printing addicted. I tried out different hobbys, which i am able to combine with 3D printing and might have fun with. At least my husband said: „try tabletop miniatures – i love minis“ and showed me his very old miniatures. He painted minis in his childhood. My Hubby want to get back into this hobby himself. Thats the story. Thats how i got into it. I started with creating a few models without any idea what i am doing and at least i enjoyed it. Then i made some more and finally pulled out my first kickstarter to test myself if i can enjoy it even with some pressure on it – and it worked. I found a new true passion and now i want to spread out all my creativity, use my skills and want to improve. After i teached myself sculpting complex models and figures i started to paint models, too. I enjoy the process pretty much and there is so much new to learn. I want to share everything with you. And thats how we meet here.

My webpage will be about all three mentioned topics: 3D Printing, 3D Sculpting & Painting Miniatures. In some topics i am well experienced. In some i’m beginner. I decided to make a wild mixture between advices, lessons, reviews and „what the hell am i doing here“. Let’s start this journey together!