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Honest Creality LD-002H Review

I got my Creality LD-002H a few weeks ago. To be honest i won this printer in a give-away. But this doesn’t has any affect of my personal opinion of the printer. Well i was curious about the creality printers for a long while but hadn’t any chance to test it before. So this lucky happening comes pretty handy.

I can’t say its a bad printer. It could be a pretty good one to be honest. But i don’t like it in total. It definitly has its issues and stuff which could be better. The machine has the potential in become a great printer but not at this current state. Why i think so? Well i talk about that later. Let’s take a deeper look at the printer . And lets start with the characteristics i like. We are still positive peops, right?

The machine properties:

LD-002H Resin 3D Printer Properties
Modeling Technology: LCD-DLP /SLA
Print Size: 130x82x160mm
Print Speed: 1-4s/layer
Display: 3.5-inch touch screen
Screen: 6-inch monochrome screen
Machine Size: 221x221x403mm
Machine Weight: 8.3KG
Layer Height: 0.03-0.05mm
XY axis Precision: 0.051mm

I didn’t expect any other: It was well packed like every printer i got until today. It doesn’t has any differences between Anycubic Photon Mono, Elegoo Mars or Elegoo Mars 2. Well made and safe packaging. The first thing i can tell: its the biggest one i got until now. Not in printing size – in total size. Its bigger then the Anycubic Photon Mono and looks like the big brother of an elegoo mars 2. Its completly made of metal (except the cover), which is definitly a positive point. I don’t like the plastic bases like Anycubic photon mono has – they have a lot of disadvantages.

The vat shape is rounded. It has some marks in the vat but nothing written on. So this is pretty useless you even don’t know which section is maximum. I don’t like that the vat knobs has to be fully removed to take the vat out, but i like that they added a barriere so the vat will always be in the right place.

The buildplate is very flat. I don’t like this that much ‚cause liquid resin can’t fluid down fast. But its not that bad either. Its just a small mimimi. The buildplate itself is well-made and spoiler: Prints stick very well to it. I like that the power button is in the front and the usb port at the left side. Leveling the buildplate was pretty fast made. I didn’t expect anything else. It is like on all DLP/SLA Printers a 5-Minute task. But i recognized that the z screw rod is very wobbly when i drive the buildplate up and down. The buildplate itself don’t move in any direction it shouldn’t – so i don’t care.

Ready to print anything? Yes. Lets start the standard sphere which is already on the usb-stick.

The line is from pausing the print – this can happen on every printer when use the pause function. So i wouldn’t care about this for now. The print itself looks pretty good. There are no issues. It just looks a little bit overexposured. But that should be not a deal right now.

After the sphere i printed some ref tests… And that sadly went not that well. I printed the same testfile 4 times with the same settings and got four different results. That means the lightsource is inconsistent. In first place i thought it could might be an issue with the FEP-Film, because it felt very cheap when i touched it. So i changed it and got the second down: no double frame. Just one and the vat, which turns fep changing in a little adventure and you can’t trim the fep that well. Common Creality – there is no need to safe on material at this point. It didn’t get better after changing. So i gave up to find good settings with the ref test and went with 1,8 secs for Siraya Tech Navy grey.

Viking | Model by Loot Studios

The print came out… okay. It would not say „omg its the best print over the world“ but i would not say its the worst i ever saw. Its okay. For most people it will look like a very good print.
My final judgement:
lets talk about the positive parts:

  • Full metal frame
  • good buildplate adhesion
  • well thought placement of usb port and power button
  • low in price
  • good vat fixing

And now… my dislikes and why i won’t recomment it or buy it:

  • The inconsistent lightsource. Its powerfull (YES it really is!) but not constant, which makes control over exposure very hard to deal with and if a print works is like a gamble. Thats the most important point. Maybe i just had no luck with this printer and others don’t have this issue, but well i can only talk about my experience.
  • It is super noisy. The fans are louder then all three of my Elegoo Neptune 2 FDM Printer… thats really impressive.
  • The cheap FEP-Film and one-frame system of the vat for changing it. You could’nt use a third party one, too.
  • the wobbly z-axis. Its not a real deal as long as it don’t affect your prints. But i recognized an effect on the viking model and its base, which is definitly caused by Z-Axis problems

I know that there are tutorials for fixing the main problems (Lightsource issues and z-wobble) but for someone who don’t have any idea of electronics (like myself. Mechanics – no problem, but electronics…huge problem) its a pain. I even don’t have the tools to measure anything.

But lets stay with the facts:

These problems can be fixed and they’re common for the printer. I read a lot of people having the same issues. But it should not be. It could be such a great printer. Really i am pretty sad that the heart of the printer – the lightsource – don’t work well. Without this problem i would fix the z-axis, remove the noisy fan and am happy with the machine. I hope creality will fix these issues for future models.

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