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3D Printing – beyond creativity

In this entrie i want to write my personal opinion about 3D printing. I own 3D printers, use them daily several years now, ran a printfarm in past to create stuff and learned much. When i began with one single Anycubic i3 mega it doesn’t took long and two more printers found their way in my workshop. Since these beginner days FDM printing was a constant part of my workflow. I teached myself to create 3D models in same time. The most stuff i needed or wanted wasn’t available or i didn’t like the look of the models. When i bought the first printer it was simple a necessary tool to speed up my work and i never thought i would be good friends with the machine. Damn, you can’t imagine how wrong i was. Slowly the whole 3D printing process and hobby became an addiction or passion. It was a sneaky process. Now a few years later i can talk about how much 3D printing changed my life.

My little printfarm from 2019. You can see 5 of 9 3D printers. In these days i owned 5 x Ender-3, 2x Anycubic i3 mega, 1x CR-10S, 1x Tevo Tornado.
Somehow crazy right?

In past i made a lot of costume prop commissions. 3D Printers allowed me to work faster on huge projects and create high detailed, very clean props for clients in a shorter time then i would able to do without. And of course much cheaper, because a machine is cheaper then a work hour of a human. But besides of the business facet 3D printing fascinated me. We had a spool of thick plastic yarn, some heat and movement of machines the yarn turned into crazy detailed 3D objects.

Creality Ender-3 | 0,2 Layerhigh | Model by Koumori3D

It doesn’t matter if you want to create usefull objects, nice figures, masks, costume props or decorations. You don’t have any limits to create stuff. You find hundreds of 3D objects online. 3D Printing became a huge community and if you learned to make models by your own – the universe is endless right? The possibilities of creativity with 3D printers, too.

Creality Ender-3 | 0,16 layerhigh | Model by Gambody

Someday i quitted my 3D printing business. I got tired to print stuff for others and used them only for finished products or stuff i wanted for myself. So i reduced my printfarm to two FDM Printers (creality ender-3 and Ender-3 pro). But still 3D printing stayed my first way to go to create costume props.

Assassins Creed Odyssey – Helmet | Model by HeroMakerCosplay
Assassins Creed Odyssey Leonidas Spear | Model by Koumori3D

Besides of creating objects i wrote guides and a whole e-book about 3D Printing, especially for costume props. (Its not available any more and not up to date.) FDM Printing became a passion and i still don’t get bored of the technique. I used it for more then just prop-making.

3D scanned & printed ears | Model not available online

I printed usefull objects for manual sculpting. Like these ear prostetics.

Super helpfull!
Brush Rack | Model by Koumori3D

Back then the day came and i wanted to learn something new and bought my first DLP Resin-Printer. It was a Elegoo Mars. My first steps into this new way to print 3D was full of try and errors. I don’t know how many kg of resin found their way in the bin.. haha. But thats the same like when i started with FDM Printing. Again – never thought that this technique would become an addiction and build up the way i walk on today. Well… i should stop say stuff like this 😀

The first resin prints.

Amazed by the quality of the prints and the new possibilities of details the whole resin printing thing got out of controll. It doesn’t take long until i had 3 resin printers. 2 x Elegoo Mars, 1x Anycubic Photon Mono. I learned so much, so fast. I talked about creativity without limits right? I thought FDM printing was endless. Then i got in touch with resin printing…

Ball Jointed Unicorn Doll | Model not available online
transparent tooth necklace with custom dyed resin | Model not available online
Crystal horns | Model by Koumori3D

And now we end up here. On this webpage & blog. I create my own miniatures and began my new journey. I wanted to write about 3D printing, my experiences, share reviews and tests for a long time. Now i finally take the time and just do it.

Orc Warrior Lady | Model by Koumori3D

Today i own 2 anycubic photon monos. And some other DLP Resin Printers are on their way. Stay tuned for reviews!

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